Xfinity Healthy Living

I created a set of wireframes for a mobile app that a caregiver can use to discretely monitor the well-being of a loved one using activity data from existing devices in the home (TV, home phone, internet, mobile, etc.).

The Problem

As a caregiver, I want to ensure the health and well-being of aging loved ones so that I can have peace of mind that they are OK. My loved ones, however, want to live independently and do not want to feel like they are being constantly monitored.

The Concept

Today's devices are always connected and provide a wealth of telemetric data. What if that data could be used to discretely monitor the health and well-being of a loved one? By looking at events such as answered incoming calls, or TV watching, a care giver can infer that everything is just fine, or if an anomaly in one's regular activity pattern is detected, we can check in and, if needed, call for help.

Family / Friend Caregiver View

The app employs a "last seen" feature which reports the last event of detected activty. A caregiver can quickly see at a glance that everything is fine or if they need to check in.


The system detects anomalies in the activity patterns of the caregivee. The caregiver group is notified when something out of the ordinary is detected.

Caregivee View

For the caregivee, the app is a lifestyle companion, presenting reminders to take medication, integrating their activity schedule, and generally aids the caregivee in living independently. The app includes a "Say Hi!" feature that, if actioned, counts as a "last seen" event.

Professional Caregiver View

A secondary business opportunity is to deploy the app for professional and institutionalized care. Here are some examples of the app tailored for professional care.