Space Planning

A collection of planning drawings from various home rennovation projects.


The laundry design calls for quite a bit to be squeezed into a small space. The entire plan hinges around the use of a narrow laundry sink. The 15" basin allows for a floor-to-ceiling cabinet immediately to the right that can be used for tall items, such as brooms, mops, an ironing board, etc. Overhead cabinetry is designed to be deep enough for a roll of paper towels to be stored on its side, front-to-back, maximizing the usable space. Glass shelving makes up the remaining space on the left, adding a modern element that softens the otherwise utilitarian feel of the space.

Master Bath

The original layout of the master bath was divided into two rooms: a forechamber dressing area, and a simple three-piece ensuite beyond, containing a single vanity, a toilet and a basic combination tub & shower fixture (dotted lines in the drawing indicate the location of the original walls). Jeff's design goal was to create his-and-hers vanities and a stand-up shower, while maintaining space for a luxury tub. In the new layout, the original wall division is removed to create a unified space and to allow natural light to flow through from the window. A stand-up shower is installed where the single vanity used to be, and the previous forechamber space is now used for his-and-hers vanities. Crowding is relieved by decreasing the footprint of the walk-in closet. Added details include a glass enclosure for the shower, with the plumbing wall situated such that privacy is created for the toilet area.

Garden Oasis

The garden space is challenging due to its irregular shape as well as the fact that the ground slopes upward toward the birch tree. Jeff's design meets this challenge by creating a deck perimeter that follows the natural contour of the existing grade. Space is defined using inlaid boards stained a darker colour than the angled boards. Angled boards are arranged in a herringbone pattern, with the spine of the pattern centered with the windows. This creates the illusuon of a wider space when viewed from the interior of the house, as the lines spread outward from the viewpoint of the observer. A shade canopy provides sun relief and built-in benches add casual seating spaces. Boxwood hedges are planted along the perimeter of the deck to enclose the space. Further privacy is created with the construction of an arbor along the property line.