TSN Xtra

TSN Xtra is a value-added service for Bell Fibe TV TSN subscribers. It features live scores, sports news, stats, standings, polls, and video highlights. Based on the skinnable iNform platform, it can quickly be repurposed, licensed and monetised. It enjoyed great fanfare during the London 2012 Olympic Games skinned as the CTV Olympics App, and has been deployed for RDS as TSN Xtra's French counterpart. TSN Xtra is a native 720p HD app – unique worldwide amongst apps running on Microsoft's MediaRoom platform.

From a UX perspective, Jeff designed TSN Xtra to take on two distinct views. Upon starting the app, the majority of the screen real estate is dedicated to the broadcast video stream, appeasing the passive TV watcher. The viewer may quickly start the app, check the latest scores, and then exit without significant disruption to the full-screen video experience. For the avid sports fan that wants to go deeper, the app switches to a very immersive view, with the broadcast video shrinking to a little less than quarter screen, dedicating the bulk of the screen real estate to news and video highlights.

Redeployment for the 2012 Olympic Games in London

UI Specification Document

The following are some examples of the UI specification document written to aid designers in creating new skins for TSN Xtra.

Downloaded Complete Guide